This guidance will give you all the informations you need when considering place an order of POF shrink film from China supplier & manufacturer. To figure out the time saving practices when dealing with purchase POF shrink film orders.

Why Purchase POF Shrink Film From China?

If you’re thinking about importing from China, it’s probably because the several reasons below. You use a lot of POF shrink films for packaging, and you want to get a more favorable price than the local distributor. Or the product quality of POF shrink film sold locally did not meet your expectations. Or you want to distribute POF shrink film locally and need customized products.

Why Choose Us For POF Shrink Film China Manufacturer?

Customers choose us mainly because of excellent product quality, timely delivery, favorable price and professional service. As the best POF shrink film supplier in China, we have been serving global customers for a long time. We understand the needs of our users and strive to provide them with the best products and services. Every customer is important to us, regardless of the size of their order. Sincerely thank you for your trust in us! Sales is just the starting point, service is endless! We look forward to working with you.

How To Confirm POF Shrink Film Orders?

The following steps are how to confirm a POF shrink film order.


Confirm Film Specifications

First you need to confirm the product specification of the POF shrink film you need. The thickness of the film corresponds to the strength of the film, and the thicker the film, the greater the strength and can pack heavier items. The thinner the film, the longer each roll will be and more items can be packed. The width is the width of the roll film, the larger the width, the larger the item can be packaged. Please refer to the product specification for details. And whether pre-perforation is required, and the perforation style, or you can take our standard perforation style.

Testing Sample

Once you have defined a specific film specification, it is often necessary to test a sample. The sample used for testing is generally 200 meters long in one roll, which is enough for testing on the shrink packaging machine. After receiving the samples, you may need to slightly adjust the machine settings, such as heating tunnel temperature, heat sealing time, to achieve the best packaging effect.

Pay Deposit

When you decide to purchase in bulk, you need to pay a deposit to the manufacturer. This fund will be used to purchase raw materials, including plastic resin raw materials, paper tubes, cartons, etc. In addition, the sequence of our production orders is based on the receipt of the deposit sooner or later. So if you fully confirm the order specification, please make the payment to us and arrange the manufacture as soon as possible.

How Long Is The Lead Time For Bulk Production?

After receiving your deposit, POF shrink film order will be arranged into production. For orders of several tons of POF packaging film, the lead time is generally 2 weeks. For full container orders of POF packaging film, the delivery time is generally 3 to 4 weeks.

What To Do After The Order Production Finish?

Before the production of the order is completed, we will notify you of the specific delivery time one week in advance, so that you can pay the balance of the order and arrange delivery in time. If you have other questions, please Contact Us, we will give you the most professional answer.

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