In this article you will find out the main POF shrink film applications. It’s the perfect choice when it comes to packaging both edible and non-edible products. It can be stored in a wide range of temperatures and does not harden and soften in different environments like PVC shrink film. POF shrink film packaging is preferred for its fewer odors when sealed, stronger seal, and more flexible storage.

What Is POF Shrink Film?

POF shrink film is high transparency, high shrinkage rate, good heat sealing performance, high surface gloss, good toughness, high tear resistance. Uniform heat shrinkage and suitable for automatic high-speed packaging. It is currently the most widely use and popular environmental-friendly heat shrinkable hygienic packaging material in the world.

What Are POF Shrink Film Applications?

The main application of this film is as follows, because of its wide use, some niche products will also use this packaging film.


Household Items

Preferred choice for shrink wrap various item shapes
Since the shrinkage rate is high, there are few remaining corners after heat shrinking. Tight packaging that perfectly fits the shape of the product is possible, suitable for various shapes and pack them neatly. Example, kitchen cleaning supply, dishwashing paste, disposable paper towel, moisture absorber, insecticide, photo frame, etc.


Paper Products, Books

Protect your products from external contaminations
Excellent barrier to dust, dirt, and moisture, keep the product clean. It has high tensile strength, tear strength, and impact strength. Commonly use for shrink wrap hygiene products. Example, book, toilet paper, wallpaper, tissue paper box, etc.

Instant Noodle Cups

Food hygiene packaging for longer shelf life
Keep the product packaging intact so that the product cannot be easily disassembled. Often using for the outermost packaging of instant food products. The pillow packaging machine is frequent machine type for this application. Example, NISSIN, Mamee, Indomie, Nongshim, etc.


Supermarket Promotional Items

Improved transparency, gloss and strength generate robust package
Highly transparent and glossy, and has little dust and dirt adhesion, so it wraps the product stylishly. Resulting in an excellent display effect. Example, multi-pack, bundle-pack, etc.

Snack, Confectionery

Can replace expensive printed carton packaging and reduce packaging costs
Excellent transparency and luster increase product value and provide moisture-proof effects. Also suitable for stack packaging. Example, pudding, yogurt, lactic acid bacteria, candy, chocolate, propolis, sake packs, gift confectionery, etc.


Food grade packaging material for safe food contact
It conforms to the food hygiene standards of FDA and EU. Excellent cold resistance, and has high puncture resistance, so there is no need to worry about bag breakage. It also helps prevent the contents from drying out and losing weight. Example, frozen beef, lamb, noodles, pizza, apple pie, etc.


Enhances the display effect of the item of shelf
It fits perfectly in any shape to shrink wrap. Using for individual packaging of cosmetics or multi-piece promotional packaging. Soft closed corners won’t scratch fingers. Example, wet wipes, flattened bottles, aerosol cans, spray bottles, pump bottles, tubes, etc.

Stationery, Toy

Heat-shrink to form a sealed bag, small items will not be lost
It securely wraps even odd-shaped or sharp-shaped items to protect them during transportation and display. Example, notebook, binder, folder, DVD, puzzle, packing tape, rope, racket, etc.

What Are Advantages Of POF Shrink Film Applications For Packaging?

People choose POF shrink film applications because of its many benefits. POF shrink packaging films do not have any chlorine, when comparing with PVC shrink films, therefore they do not produce hydrogen chloride gas. POF shrink films do not have any plasticizers, so storage temperature is not an issue. Our POF shrink film is manufactured from a total quality control process and is formulated with high-tech plastic resins. Offer superior performance of shrink packaging to global customers. For more details, please feel free to Contact Us.

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